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This is the standard that 3B Scientific GmbH (Hamburg, Germany) has set for itself. For the Japanese SEIRIN brand, 3B Scientific has been its successful distributor since 2004. SEIRIN stands for superior quality and safety of acupuncture needles, whose excellent insertion characteristics have been championed by therapists and patients for decades.

SEIRIN products are the perfect addition to the product range of 3B Scientific, the worldwide largest and most experienced manufacturer of anatomical teaching aids and acupuncture models. www.3bscientific.com acupuncture needles

Avail yourself of our extensive, high-quality acupuncture range which includes acupuncture needles, models and charts, and is topped off by 3B Laser (low-level lasers), Moxa products and tapes.

Please see our Video about 3B Laser Needles on Youtube now.

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