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3B LASER NEEDLE - The new dimension

 3B Laser Needle Video on Youtube improved technology and communication
With the new 3B LASER NEEDLE you use up to 12 laser needles simultaneously. An instrument version with red laser light (660 nm) is provided as a proven standard. The instruments can be individualized according to the focus of your therapy, so that in addition to red laser light (660nm), infrared light (808nm) and blue laser light (405nm) can be used and combined.

You control and monitor the 3B LASER NEEDLE via the mobile touch screen (Control Touch Pad), which is connected with the laser unit by a radio interface. As a result of this novel technology you have more flexibility in your practice routine as therapist. Additionally, you achieve optimum communication with your patients, who can follow the treatment at all times and thus be more actively involved in the elucidation and therapy. This creates additional trust and increases the therapy success. The daily work is greatly simplified so that both a bedside and remote observation of the therapy course is possible. The input and control of the treatment parameters is self-explanatory and can be easily delegated to qualified staff members.

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